Charlotte Osterman Playing Cards in Falling Orchid

Charlotte Osterman


Gulf coast playing cards to keep you entertained from the beach to cooling off in the AC post-sunset.

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MADE IN:  Sarasota

MATERIAL:  Cardstock

NOTES:  Printed using a Charlotte Osterman design

DIMENSIONS:  4″ × 3″ × 1″

Charlotte Osterman

Creating her own line of fabrics, Charlotte Osterman brings to interiors the same distinctive and original use of color and pattern that she has expressed in fashion. This new collection of textiles for the home suggests Moroccan tiles or Matisse cut outs and includes inspired botanical motifs and a new take on lattice. These geometrics are subtle and bold — abstract florals both soft and bright. The natural fabrics are printed in the USA using non-toxic, water-based inks.

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