Gold Rimmed Porcelain Pinch Pot

Isabel Halley Ceramics


Each bowl is made by pinching the clay from the center all the way to the rim. All of the bowls are hand pinched as far as the porcelain will allow. The process of pinching the clay creates an organic, delicate form that is uniquely different in every piece. Clear glazed and fired to cone 6 (2232 degrees Fahrenheit). Hand-painted 22 karat gold rim.

MADE IN:  Brooklyn

MATERIAL:  Porcelain

NOTES:  Made for salt and pepper, perfect for special things. Glazed on inside only. Hand wash only.

DIMENSIONS:  1.75″ × 3.75″ × 3.75″

Isabel Halley Ceramics

Isabel Halley makes all of her ceramics in Brooklyn. Each piece is hand pinched, rolled, and painted by the artist. We at Pansy Bayou attained a handful of her custom pieces for your tabletop that are truly individual, delicate and special. Each piece is one of a kind.

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