Kala Slender Ceramic Vase in Hematite



A tall, porcelain centerpiece vase for tabletop or sill.

Intersecting geometric forms, emphasized in a matte finish. Kala is a slender, statuesque vase with bold intersecting geometries that create a playful interaction between forms.

Subtle variations in texture and hue are to be expected, but we hope you love the individuality and character of each piece as much as we do!

MADE IN:  Vermont

MATERIAL:  Porcelain

NOTES:  Perfect for flowers.

DIMENSIONS:  4″ × 3.5″ × 12.75″


Artemaria brings together innovative contemporary designers and artisan communities in the developing world. Their goal is to support artisans who integrate their millinery techniques into art products that are high quality, unique, environmentally friendly and functional. The final result is an avant-garde product with a soul - faithful to the people that gave it form and in harmony with their traditions and surroundings. Pansy Bayou has numerous styles and sizes of their handwoven baskets that are perfect for shelf styling and functional for everyday storage.