Sausalito CO&AE Pouch in Mustard Ribbon



Pouch using Charlotte Osterman + Alison Hotchkiss textile.

Contact us for a custom pouch using a Charlotte Osterman textile.

MADE IN:  Sarasota

MATERIAL:  Sarasota

NOTES:  Non-toxic, water-based inks

DIMENSIONS:  12″ × 7.5″ × 4″


It’s a collaboration between textile designer Charlotte Osterman of Charlotte Osterman design and Alison Hotchkiss of Alison Events; planning design and travel.

Alison and Charlotte met when they were 12. That awkward age in 6th grade. Think braces, acne, new to bra wearing and boys. They grew up in Connecticut in the 90’s swimming in the Long Island sound, sailing the waters, running in the swamp lands crushing skunk cabbage, and were lucky enough to get to ski in freezing Vermont in the winter.

After graduation they went their separate ways -Charlotte to design school at CalArts and Alison to college in Colorado. Eventually meeting up in San Francisco post college.. Well, until Charlotte got whisked off to NYC to work for Diane von Furstenberg. Alison stayed and started her event planning and design firm and started traveling the world. However, miles apart, they always managed to escape on adventures together.

20 years later they decided to collaborate on a project together. It started with little pouches that they gifted to clients for the holidays. Then it became laptop cases and then the brilliant idea of totes bags. Alison thought how cute would a tote bag with a custom print be. You could either take to the beach or carry in a new city when exploring. They decided on three patterns, hired a workroom, spent a year through Covid hemming and hawing over the size and details, and boom.

So here we are- Tote in style! xoxo Alison & Charlotte

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