Environmental Modernism: The Architecture of [STRANG]



The work of [STRANG] is beautifully explored in this robust monograph which highlights the firm's site-specific and climate-driven designs. The ability to create stunning architectural designs while maintaining an acute awareness of the surrounding environment has come to define their work. Under the creative direction of Max Strang FAIA, the Miami-based firm continues to advance many of the timeless concepts set forth by the famed Sarasota School of Architecture.

Strang's early exposure to that mid-century modernist movement resulted in a deep respect for structures that are intimately connected to their surroundings as they celebrate the Florida climate. This first monograph of Strang's work contains a collection of conceptual drawings, text and professional photography that underscores the ongoing relevance and importance of regional modernist design. It is the architectural responses to site and climate that infuse the specific designs with character and identity, resulting in a uniquely Floridian version of modernism.

MADE IN:  Sarasota

MATERIAL:  Hardcover book

NOTES:  Book comes sealed in its slipcover with a personally signed and dated card by Max Strang.

DIMENSIONS:  9.5″ × 9.5″ × 3″


[STRANG] is a Florida-based architectural, interior design and landscape design firm respected for advancing the principles of Environmental Modernism in extraordinary locations around the world. Founded by Max Strang in 1998, the firm’s distinguished body of work is deeply connected to Florida, yet also includes projects across the Caribbean Sea, Florida and Florida Keys, Colorado, The Bahamas, The Dominican Republic and United Arab Emirates.

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