Saints of Old Florida Book

Saints of Old Florida


A collaboration between Melissa Farrell, Christina McDermott and Emily Raffield. We invite you to get lost in Old Florida, a place where a genuine essence of simplicity, adventure and community thrive. All of these saints are shared in Saints of Old Florida through personal stories, written contributions by area locals, meaningful recipes, vintage relics and authentic photography. A timeless book for those who love the coast. 252 full-color pages, on uncoated paper, natural linen cloth hardback cover. Custom, gold embossed cover art.

  • 252 pages of original photography shared from a hyper-local, Floridian vantage point.
  • Inked on uncoated, raw paper.
  • Exquisitely bound by a linen hard-back cover, with gold embossed cover art to honor our timeless roots.
  • Filled with personal stories, endearing anecdotes, local contributions, family recipes and more.

A staple for your coffee table and a gift to share with generations.


MATERIAL:  Hardcover book

NOTES:  Bound by a linen hard-back cover, with gold embossed cover art.

DIMENSIONS:  9″ × 11″


Saints of Old Florida

A Coastal Lifestyle Book, Saints of Old Florida is about life along the Florida Panhandle. Particularly the more undiscovered areas of Port St. Joe, St. Vincent's Island, Indian Pass, St. George Island, Apalachicola, St. Teresa, and St. Marks.

These coastal towns are indeed the "Saints" mentioned in the title - as they were all named by early Spanish settlers to the area. However, the most important "saints" here are the many saintly things we cherish daily. A dozen raw oysters, bare feet on pine porches, dinner together around our tables, and nights spent too long at beach bonfires. In short, these experiences are the true "saints."

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