Weekends, Collectors Edition

Weekends – Collectors Edition


Weekends celebrates the quintessential spirit of summer weekends in Australia through interiors, food and nature.

In this personal guide to enjoying the simplicity of weekends, Kara Rosenlund invites us into her A-frame home. She shares how she created the interiors of her home and reveals her styling philosophy with helpful tips for composing a vignette to help your home tell your story.

Kara shares her version of a summer favorite, the classic prawn sandwich and guides us through her photographic process to show us how we too can develop an artist’s eye with the camera.

She retraces the steps of one of Australia's most iconic photographers Olive Cotton, with a photographic tribute to a nostalgic weekend spent camping.

MADE IN:  Australia

MATERIAL:  Softcover book

NOTES:  160 full color pages. Clothbound with frayed edges. Signed and numbered by Kara Rosenlund.

DIMENSIONS:  6.3″ × 9″ × 0.47″

Weekends – Collectors Edition

Kara Rosenlund is a freelance Australian photographer with an eponymous lifestyle brand. She is influenced by the exotic landscape, layered interiors and spirited people of Australia. Her eye is constantly drawn to the beauty of traveling through the Australian outback and coastlines and the colors of the landscape.

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